Sourcing :- With a base of more than 40 factories specializing in their respective products we have the capacity to cater to any query from any buyer. Finding new factories with new / different products is an ongoing and never ending process. We carefully and closely analyze the factories based on the strengths and weaknesses in terms of their infrastructure, production capacity, innovative product designing and development, management, working conditions, production processes and their attitude towards work. 
Once the factory is approved to be suitable for working as per our standards we then segregate them into different categories based on their production capacities. This categorization helps us in serving different buyers with different needs and also helps us in allocating the various orders to different factories according to their strengths and capacities. 
Quality Assurance :- Our Quality Assurance follows one of the stringent rules and compliances for all the product and services. Our Q&A team has a vast experience in this field and most of them being from production background have an in-depth knowledge and quality control department actively follows buyer specifications and the trends in the market. They regularly go under training and exposure to the buyer's quality norms and meeting their diverse expectation. 
Logistics Support :- All orders are closely monitored to ensure that they are shipped on time as per the schedule. We keep daily track of all our shipments and send regular shipping update to our clients keeping them fully informed about all their orders. 
Social Compliance :- Child labor and other labor related issues keep coming up in developing and under developed countries where a no. of production bases are based. As today every business house is concerned about their social responsibility and following business ethics. We ensure that our sourcing is free from such discriminations. Our team regularly conducts audit for social compliance on our client's behalf. 



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